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butterfly1Cutting the paper out of wedding invitations

Invite guests to your wedding in a cost effective, easy and eco-friendly way


2016 What a year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The weather is certainly hotting up, the mince pies are being eaten and the presents are almost (very nearly) all bought, but not yet wrapped. 2017 is fast approaching and I am taking a moment to reflect on another hectic year for me personally and for Paperless Wedding.

For those of you that don't me, I am a mum of two beautiful young children, and I feel honoured I can be at home to watch them grow and hear their amusing stories, while running this fast growing business. I won't lie, it is a juggling act and involves a lot of late nights working post bedtime and snatched blog writing during nap time. One thing I can say is no day is ever the same or dull and it can be hugely rewarding.

The biggest achievement is that we have grown by a whopping 66% on last year!!! This means I can officially say we have a business that is booming. We have helped well over 100 people have a paperless wedding, saving countless trees, air-miles and $$$'s for them. You, my lovely, clients have ranged in ages, locations and traditions, but that is the beauty of Paperless Wedding.  We cater for so many people, each with their own individual style. 

Eco Tip - The Bridal Market

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Last Eco blog post of the month. We finish the year with another unique way of upcycing great things for your wedding. Up north, two ladies got together to create Bridal Market. Their vision has enabled groups of like minded wedding vendors to get together and sell their wares. Let me hand over to Katherine to tell you more!

What is The Bridal Market?

The Bridal Market Ltd is a unique concept within the wedding industry. We offer newlyweds to sell their luxury preloved wedding items and attire to brides to be face to face at our Bridal Market wedding fairs, in our store in Otley and online through our 

We stock beautiful preloved and ex sample designer wedding dresses to enable brides to be to find their dream dress without the nightmare price tag.  The Bridal Market is all about saving brides money whilst on their wedding planning journey. We can help with every aspect of wedding planning from decor to dresses and we actively encourage brides to hire their items through us so they don't have to try and resell their goods after their big day.

Where did the idea come from?

When planning my own wedding, I was put off attending traditional wedding fairs as they all felt very impersonal and very much sales orientated and less about a brides' experience.  Needless to say, I didn't go to many after my substandard experience.  I sourced my own suppliers, saved a fortune and made all of the decor myself. That's when the idea of The Bridal Market clicked for me.

After meeting Gaynor, we quickly discovered a mutual passion for the wedding industry and both shared the same vision in creating a company that would help ease the stress of the wedding planning process for the budget conscious bride.  We do want to point out however, we are not a 'budget' business. Every bride has a budget, whether it's £1,000 or £50,000. There's always a cap on the money available to spend. The Bridal Market's aim is to change people's perceptions on how and where to spend their allocated budget and utilise preloved and handmade items from independent, local suppliers to save money without scrimping on quality. 

The Bridal Market Hall

Photography in Focus - Lex Fleming

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jade Jamille London wedding by Lex Fleming

I am excited to introduce you to Lex Fleming Photograhpy. I have a lot to thank this photographer for and actually it is not for taking photos!  In the summer this year I went a long to London Wedding Breakfast Club that is run by Lex Fleming. It is through this club I have met lots of wonderfully talented and lovely people wedding industry people.  My blog has been filled introducing you all to photographers and Eco wedding suppliers. So a massive thank you Lex and I am so pleased I can feature you now. 

So here are Lex's top tips!....

What are your top 2 'Do and Don't' tips for couples on their wedding day? 

Do: Do exactly whatever you want on your wedding day. Don't want bridesmaids? Swap them for bridesmates that help out. Want a bouncy castle? DO IT! Your wedding day is meant to present you and your partner in every way possible. There are no other rules besides putting a ring on it

Don't: Don't forget the photographer. I'm not just saying this because I'm a photographer either! You're going to be spending a lot of time, thought and money on your wedding day, and it'll go so fast. You need a photographer to act on your behalf to document all the small things, along with the big key points of the day. 

Neon themed wedding by Lex Fleming

Real Wedding - Alexis and Pauline

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I have be dying to share this wedding with you ever since I attended it with Mr T in September. This was the truly unique wedding of Alexis and Pauline. My husband went to Uni with both, and Alexis also took our photos on our wedding day! 

They sealed the deal at the Southbank Centre over looking the River Thames. It is a fabulous location with stunning views. 

I asked both of them about their story so I could write a piece but reading their responses together is far more amusing! So let me introduce you to Pauline and Alexis.

So how did you both meet?

P: University but took us 10 years to get together!

A: I dug out a picture of us having a little dance in Scarborough 17 years previously, which we then recreated for the front page of the order of service.

Meet the Designer - Gabrielle Vickery

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I am delighted to introduce a new designer who will be featuring her themes on the site, Gabrielle Vickery.  I love this part of my job as I get to collaborate and talk with other people who are passionate about design and the wedding industry. Gabrielle works at Storm, Design, Web & Print, in the UK. 

So Gabby tell us a bit about business and what made you link up with us?

We just love to design! I’ve been working with my business partner Ralph Watson for over 15 years now and we love coming to our job, no project is ever the same. Joining up with Paperless Wedding is a wonderful experience because it allows us to let our imagination take over, we can get romantic and whimsical, or cutting edge and dynamic. No two designs will be the same.

What would you say your style is?

In our daily work our style is whatever our client need. Sometimes a client will need a traditional old style feel to a piece of work, and other times it’s more modern and minimalist. We love to try all sorts of styles depending on the brief. With Paperless Wedding It’s wonderful to be able to freestyle, this allows us to be much more organic with our choice of graphics and colours.

Tells us what you love about designing:

We love seeing a beautiful design come together on the page and on the screen. It’s that wonderful mix of information and atmosphere, invoking a feeling from inside which is also so pleasing to the eye.

What do you love about weddings?

Who doesn’t love a wedding! It’s the whimsy, the romance and the bliss. Billowing fabrics, soft gentle colours, music and food, laughter and love. Put that together with outstanding wedding themes, flower and glitz, it’s an all encompassing mix of sensations and experiences in one beautiful day.

How do you do your bit for the environment?

We recycle paper and materials all the time, we buy budget products. At home we upcycle our own furniture rather than throw it away. We use the school bus rather than doing the school run in our car. We do all sorts of things every day that make a difference to the environment.

What is your best budget saving tips in life?

Upcycle your own furniture rather than tipping it by using decoupage, it can turn a totally knackered chest of drawers into something that you can’t live without! Check out my facebook page if you would like to see my experiments! 

When not working what are your other passions?

My passions at the moment are upcycling old furniture, I absolutely love it.

I am also writing a spirit blog on whether or not there is live after death, and can anyone become psychic? I’m really loving writing it, even though I’m absolutely not a writer, so I get a real kick whenever anyone actually reads it and comments. Have a look at here.

Lastly I’m a virtual lingerie designer for the game  Second Life, so I design pixel lingerie for virtual avatars who pay me real money to clothe their bodies! How nuts is THAT?!

We look forward to producing lots more designs for Paperless Weddings and we look forward to supporting you on your very special day. 

The latest theme "Oriental Garden" is now live on the site, with more coming soon!

Photography In Focus - Leah Van Zyl

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

As I started out on my networking journey, I had the great pleasure to meet Leah of Leah van Zyl Photography. We met at my very first local meet up of business ladies. Sat in Cafe Rouge one evening, Leah wowed me with her amazing networking skills and her ability to promote what she did in about 2 min (ish!). Below is the photo that captured everyone. I knew I would have to feature her on my site and so here she is!

Leah is a wife and mum of a rather handsome boy. She has buckets of enthusiasm and passion for what she does. So read on to find out more about her tips for wedding photography on your big day.

Wedding photography Leah Van Zyl - Couple under umberella

What are your top 2 'Do and Don't' tips for couples on their wedding day? 

If you have a little one, ask someone to be a childminder for you on the day.  This can be a close friend who you trust, or even hire in professional child care.  A wedding day can be quite overwhelming for small children, and sometimes just taking them away somewhere quite for some 1-1 attention,  drawing or play time can do the world of good.  This leaves mum and dad to really enjoy every moment of their wedding day, and totally relax!

Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Flowers not exactly how you wanted them?  Bridesmaid’s hem dropped at the last moment?  Don’t panic… No one will notice but you, just try to remember what the day is all about.  You get to marry the one you love surrounded by your family and friends.. and for everything else there is Photoshop!

Competition Winners - Laura and Andy

Sunday, November 6, 2016

We have our Competition Winner for your October #planyourwedding competition!

Laura is very excited to have won our awesome prize of:

Engagement shoot with 1 of our fab photographers:
Eva Photography
Illusion Photography
James and Kerrie Photography
Jay Anderson Photography

Jewellery by Annaliese Rivers Bespoke Jewellery and Accessories

Wedding planning session with Lisa at Carmela Weddings

Finally a full Paperless Wedding package from us!

Laura and Andy competition winners

Laura and her fiancé Andy are getting married in the summer of 2018. She has a great story of how she met her future husband.

Our story is that we have been together for over 6 years now, but known each other all our lives. Our dads have been best friends since they were 5. His dad has been my dads best man twice now! The 1st time at my mum and dads wedding. The wedding had to be brought forward as my fiancé was due to be born! So it’s just not me and my hubby to be coming together but its joining our two families.  I think our dads are happier than us! 

This is a great story and we can't wait to follow you on your journey to your big day. Many congratulations from all of us and we can't wait to work with you!

Real Wedding - Kate and Danny

Thursday, November 3, 2016

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our last couple that used the old Paperless Wedding site in Australia. Kate and Danny got married in September in Willunga, South Australia. The marriage took place in a barn they converted themselves and they were surrounded by family and friends. 

Kate said that as it was a second marriage for both of them, she did not want to spend a fortune on paper wedding invites. She is very technology minded so this was so Paperless Wedding was perfect for them and she loved it. This was fab to hear. They chose the purple formal swirls design which tied in perfectly with the purple seen in her fantastic dress and the bridesmaid's too. 

Wishing Kate and Danny every happiness together and thanks so much for sharing these photos. x

Photos: Couples personal pictures.

Wedding Anniversary - 8 years

Monday, October 24, 2016

I can't believe I am writing another post on Wedding Anniversaries as it does not seem that long since I wrote the last. So today, 8 years ago I walked down the aisle at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich, by my dad, to meet a beaming Mr T.  It has been lovely retelling the day to my 3 year old. Apparently I look like a princess!!

As in usual Taylor wedding anniversary tradition, we are having a night out. Venue at time of writing is still unsure but we do have a babysitter!

We like to try and give each other gifts associated with the traditional wedding presents for each year of marriage. So here is run down of what I have been given to date.  I would also like to point out that he is far better gift buyer than I am!

First - Cotton.....we skipped this and Jim gave me a ring with New Zealand Green Stone set in it. We were living in NZ at the time.
Second - Paper - a card and a wonderful meal out in Sydney. We were living in Sydney at the time!
Third - Leather - Gloves and a meal in the OXO Tower, London. Check us out, another fab city for another lovely evening out!
Fourth - Flowers - Silver flower earrings bought in Greenwich Market where we got our Wedding Rings. Meal at the Trafalgar Tavern where we got wed!
Fifth - Wood - An Antique jewellery box.
Sixth - Sweet - A new handbag filled with chocolates from Hotel Chocolate. A meal in Wansted, close to where we live.
Seventh - Wool - An olive shade cashmere scarf.

Eight - ??????

As I have written this post in advance of the evening celebration, I don't know what his gift is yet! See Facebook or my Instagram to find out what it was.

The 8th year gift of bronze represents the union of two lives, reflected by the blend of the two metals that make bronze (copper and tin). It shows that a relationship between two can strengthen "from combining time with perseverance." This made me laugh.  It takes a lot of perseverance to live with me! ;-)  

The orgin of wedding anniversaries stems back to the Holy Roman Empire.  This is when it was said that husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th Wedding anniversary and a gold wreath on their 50th celebration. Imagine a whole wreath made out of gold?! In the 20th century, commercialism brought additional anniversary gifts that we see today. 

Do you celebrate your anniversaries with gifts?  Do leave ideas for people of what you got for the year your were married. 

Real Wedding - Ben and Claire

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This month I am featuring the lovely Ben and Claire who got in touch as they wanted to do something a bit different. They wanted a bespoke design. We are not designers at Paperless Wedding, but I knew a lady that was, so I hooked them up with Nikki ofKnots and Kisses.  She came up their unique design. 

Their design came from their love of music and that Ben runs RedGroove Events. They used our Theme Creator to insert the image into their wedding invitation.  The guests were then able to click on the information and RSVP via the website. Nikki then went on to do the seating plan to tie in with our couples theme. I love being able to work with a designer and offer a complete package!

Eco Wedding Photo Shoot

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Twitter is an amazing resource to meet suppliers.  It was here I 'met' Karen Robb of Karen Dornellie.  Karen makes and sells wedding separates that all started with her specialising in wedding veils.  Her pieces are shown brilliantly in this eco inspired wedding shoot that was organised by Chris Cowley of Isle of Wight Photographer and Mark of Serendipity Diamonds. Karen does stock pre-loved wedding dresses in her studio to ensure brides have a choice to not only save money, but to give a dress some new love on another wedding day. She also offers a service to modify and change a dress to give a personal touch.

What I love about this shoot is that it was organised to be totally about being Eco Friendly when organising your Wedding. Something that Paperless Wedding LOVES!! 

In this wedding shoot Karen wanted to show that brides don’t have to go out and buy a new dress. Something beautiful can be made from a charity shop find or an old fabric with some good dressmaking skills (a great local dressmaker is recommended). We have covered upcycling your Mother/Grandmother's old wedding dress on our blog before. You might be that bride who would love the idea of using an heirloom. So over to Karen.....

Ethical wedding by Chris Cowley - bride with purple themes Ethical wedding by Chris Cowley - Bride

We had a great day, with some fantastic suppliers all offering eco-friendly services. All Makeup used by Tina Williams  in the shoot were 100% organic and vegan, and similarly all hair products (thanks to Charlotte of Scotts Hair Salon​)  were also organic. The dresses the brides are wearing were donated by the make up artist, bought from a charity shop and one was made from a voile curtain!!! ​

Ethical wedding by Chris Cowley - Jewellery

The diamond jewellery provided by Mark Johnson of Serendipity Diamonds​ was ethically sourced and conflict free.


The location we used as a base for the wedding shoot, was a Ventnor Botanic Gardens​ where we sourced much of the fresh flowers that we used. 


We were very careful to use flowers from plants which actually thrive from being cut or can be dried after. The florist also used a growing plant which was then replanted after too!  Other bouquets were made in silk to allow for use again or to be kept forever. One bouquet was made using buttons made from recycled food stuffs. So a definite eco friendly way to go!  The food shown was grown at the garden so no need for transportation and safe in the knowledge that it was all organically grown.

The tables were decorated using old garden magazines cut up and stuck together for unique and disposal covers. A possible and good way to reuse your bridal mags maybe? Floral displays were held in old bottles from the restaurant of the Botanic Gardens. Candles in wine bottles may seem old fashioned but using great looking bottles can be very effective. And emptying the bottles first, very enjoyable! We created wedding favours from seed packs with floral name cards stuck on!

All in all a beautiful and totally eco friendly wedding can be achieved with a bit of imagination, time and skill.


A BIG thanks to Karen for sharing this great Eco Friendly Wedding shoot with me.  It goes to show how much can actually be 'green'! Do share below any tips you have for a Green Wedding. 

All Photography by Chris Cowley

Photography in focus - Gavin Forster

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yay it is that time in the month where I get to share another photographers tips and thoughts on weddings.  I met this photographer via Twitter's #Weddinghour  and checked out his work.  I chose to showcase his work as he offers an Eco Friendly wedding album, which is something I have not come across before. So here is Gavin Forster Photography, read on to find out more via our Twitter styled short answers!

What are your top 2 'Do and Don't' tips for couples on their wedding day?
Do: remember who the day is for - don't get bogged down in traditions and other people's expectations, do what you pair want to do.
Don't: cram too much into the day - leave time to sneak away as a couple and share the moment together otherwise you will get to the end of the night and realise you have spent your big day with everyone else rather than with each other.

What is your advice when a couple is looking for a photographer?
Look around and meet a few photographers before you make a decision. Then make sure you like the one you chose as a person as well as their photography style! You have to put up with them all day ;-) 

Your top tip for Styling your day?
Make it about you pair - only incorporate the Pinterest things that you love, not just because it is what everyone else is doing.

How can a photographer be Eco Friendly?
Loads of ways: energy saving shared office space, reducing and recycling waste, reuse of packaging, electronic 'paperwork', all local or UK sourced products, rechargeable batteries, etc, etc

What are your Eco friendly top tips for Green Wedding?
Borrow, reuse and upcycle where ever possible, and get all the friends and family making things - it helps make things more personal too.

Do you think you should "Trash your Dress"? 
Although this would be a fun shoot to do it is a very personal thing. Ladies spend a lot of time and effort choosing their 'dream dress' so I can see why some would hate the thought of destroying it. Why not consider upcycling it into some that can be worn again - far more eco friendly!

Engagement shoots seem to be very fashionable at the moment. What are the advantages of having one?
An hour of time spent on an engagement shoot can be so worthwhile for both parties - the couple get a 'practice run' before the big day photos so feel more relaxed on the wedding day, and I get to learn about how the couple react in front of the camera and the kind of images they prefer, meaning I get more personal photographs come the wedding.

What has surprised you the most about wedding photography?
The amount of people out there who don't like their picture taken! This just proves why it's important to choose the right photographer so you can be as relaxed as possible on the wedding day. 

How you describe your style of photography?
That's easy - Natural, Personal, Simple. Nothing too formal and definitely no pressure!

What can a couple do for you on the big day?
Laugh at my bad jokes because I'm telling them for a reason!

Indoor or outdoor wedding?
Outdoor because of the fantastic natural light but all of my weddings I encourage couples to sneak away with me for a walk so I get everyone outside at some point.

Bride and Groom beside a lake by Gavin Forester

Themed or none theme?

It doesn't matter as long as it means something to the couple - it has to be personal rather than a trend!

Local or Destination?

Both! I love local because there are so many stunning places that are fantastic photo backdrops but who could resist an amazing destination elsewhere.

Big or small?

I've done them all from 200+ down to 2! Personally though I prefer the more intimate ones as I get to capture the emotional interactions of the couple and their nearest and dearest.

Gavin goes that extra mile when it comes to being an Eco Friendly wedding supplier. He offers Eco Friendly wedding albums that are all handmade. Gavin could choose cheaper options, but it is something he is passionate about.  So what makes an album Eco Friendly I hear you say? Well here are just a few things about the suppliers he uses that tick those eco boxes!

Cover board – FSC certified 100% recycled material
Paper – Art White from sustainable sources
Paper – Art Cotton PEFC certified from sustainable sources
Leather – sourced from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals
End sheets – 100% from sustainable sources
End boards – 90% recycled, 10% from sustainable sources

Leather bound books - Sourced from Scottish tanneries that are committed to operating in an ecological and sustainable way

Gavin's suppliers are with 100 miles of where he is based and use DPD Carbon neutral deliver service.

To find out more please contact Gavin below.

Website: Gavin Forster Photography
Phone: 07794351930

2 clicks to RSVP!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Your wedding guests are super important to us. We want them to have a great experience using Paperless Wedding too. If they can use our site easily, then it means you will get great feedback and hopefully it will also encourage them to give you a prompt reply.

We have made some changes to enhance this experience and I want to share with you what your wedding guest will now see. With just 2 clicks (and a bit for form filling) they can reply straight from their wedding invitation. No excuses anymore! 

When do you send your Wedding Invitations?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

When do I send out my Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates? This is a question I get asked a lot and so here is a little infographic that could really help you!

Paperless Wedding invitations and wedding websites

Are you 100% digital wedding and sending via Paperless Wedding invitations? Follow the right hand-side. 

Are you having paper wedding invitations designed by a talented wedding stationer and using Paperless Wedding Website? Then follow the left hand-side. 

Summer wedding guests should be getting their invitations now and Autumn/Winter wedding's Save the Dates could be going out now!

We hope this makes things easier for you as you plan!

Happy creating.

Woman in Business - Networking

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Doing this kind of job is very isolating as everything happens online and I don't get much interaction face to face. Well I came up with a cunning plan, get out and meet people that work in the industry and share my experiences with them! 

Over the last few months I have set this plan in motion and had some great meetings and also coffees with people to collaborate thoughts. First off I had a great hour with Leah Van Zyl who runs a business networking group, she is also part of the BNI, runs a busy and successful photography business as well as being a wife and mum. A woman after my own heart.

Her business Leah Van Zyl Photography offers FREE, yes free, engagement shoots. I offer FREE, yes free, save the dates. Can you see where I am going here? We think that there is a beautiful partnership in here and can't wait to share more details about this with you in a future blog post, once we have had time to set it all up!  Summer is very busy for photographers and a mum with children to look after. 

Selfie (or groupie!) taken by Lex Fleming

Then on to the London Wedding Breakfast Club, where I met with a large group of wedding professionals over a rather tasty brunch and we talked social media, blogs and PR! It was so much fun and I have made some great contacts. My Photography Focus blog is going to be awesome!! I also spoke with venues, stationers and wedding planners. Big thanks to Lex for making them happen. 

It is great to share and also spread the word about Paperless Wedding. What was also brilliant was how many people actually knew my company, "Ooo Paperless Wedding, I remember your tree logo!' Or 'I have had an invite from you' is just music to my ears. I know what we offer is unique and not many people have had a digital wedding invitation. Email wedding invitations offer quick delivery and easy RSVP. Everyone also said how cheap they thought we were too, but don't worry I am not going to put up my prices any time soon!!

Finally I met two sisters at a wedding show. They run I'm the Planner, which I have blogged about before (see here!). Meeting with Mel over dinner and a glass of wine was also brilliant. We have been on hand to offer support, advice and more importantly encouragement to each other.  It goes to show that even though you work alone you don't have to be alone. 

So it is funny that now when I have a question, I feel I have a group of people that I can go to. It is not so lonely anymore, so a big thank you to all the people I have met and I look forward to meeting up again in the future!

Real Wedding - Karen and Rob

Friday, August 26, 2016

Paperless Wedding couple Rob and Karen

This months real wedding was the marriage of a stunning red headed Aussie Melbourne chick to a tall dark handsome English man. I am proud to say they are friends, but sad to say I missed the wedding.  Luckily though I did get to see the fantastic photos, which I am going to share some with you. 

Karen and Rob got hitched in a farmers field in Dorset, UK, this time last year (Happy Wedding Anniversary!). It was over a year in the planning, as logistics for organising EVERYTHING from loos to marquess and hay bales to bouncy castles.  Yes you read that correctly. This couple chose to have a bouncy castle which everybody loved!

Rob and Karen's bouncy castle wedding photo

Karen's tip to planning an out door wedding is..."Don't do it!!  Only joking!  The effort involved should not be under estimated. Plan things like electric, water and toilets early on and also keep a close eye on the budget." They were immensely grateful to all their family and friends with their help in setting up.  It took over a week in total. However all the hard work and planning paid off and both Karen and Rob, family and friends had an amazingly memorable day. 

Karen and Rob sent out paper invitations that Rob designed and they shared the other details about the big day via a Paperless Wedding website.  On the wedding website were directions to the event, running order of the day, weather options, hotels etc. Karen said, " We used Paperless Wedding because it gave us an eco-friendly, economical & easy way to manage our wedding information for our guests. We were able to customise it to match our theme & it gave guests a one stop shop to get all their wedding info."

Karen and Rob Paperless Wedding couple walking down the aisle

This fun loving couple had an eco friendly / festival inspired theme wedding, with a nod to the 1920's art deco designs. They were married beneath a grand oak tree (a dream of Karen's!) in a humanist celebration led Patsy Wallace.  Karen's mum flew over from Australia to walk her daughter down the aisle. How proud she looks!! 

Down the hill was an Indian marquee where the food and dancing was held, but also there were other gazebos with a sweet station including candy floss and pick and mix and one with garden games. They were keen to make sure that the day was relaxed and fun.

Their eco friendly wedding meant that food and flowers were all sourced locally.  They borrowed/upcycled as much stuff as they could, including borrowing the huge Indian marquee from a friend. The simple floral arrangements were locally grown flowers and the straw bales came from the farm and would be eaten by cows over the winter! They had Pimms served in cups and saucers hired in for the reception, with waiting staff pouring from china teapots to add a little “1920s speakeasy” atmosphere. The event all took place in one place, which also reduced their carbon footprint. 

The day went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all. A BIG thanks to you both for sharing your beautiful day with us.  All the very best for the future.

Love this photo, No going back now Karen!! Don't worry, being married rocks, I assure you. xx



PhotographyWill Strange
Venue: Farmer’s Private Field
Celebrant: Patsy Wallace
Bride’s Ceremony Dress & Veil: Art Couture: Love Bridal
Hair: Shear Madness
 Suit: Ede & Ravencroft
Flowers: Garden Flowers from Bride’s Mother
Bouncy Castle Hire: Bounce South Ltd
Catering: Posh Pigs
Catering Staff: Cudmore Event Hire
Dance Floor, Lighting, Furniture & Generator: Maidman’s Marquees
Decor & China: South West Event Hire

Not forgetting the toilets!! 
Mobile Toilets: Temporary Toilets

Photography in Focus - Kat Forsyth

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer is here!!! The photographers are in peak season and have back to back weddings and a mountain of editing to do. So a big THANK YOU to Kat for squeezing me in and answering in my requested twitter length replies to my questions. 

Kat Forsyth is from South Africa but now calls North London home. Her weddings can be anywhere which suits her love of traveling.  Like me she is a huge musical fan and would love to photograph a wedding in a cinema or theater. If you are planning one, maybe she is the lady you are looking for!!

Right over to her now for a zip through her top tips which could just help you plan your big day. 

What are your top 2 'Do and Don't' tips for couples on their wedding day?

DON’T worry about your dress getting dirty underneath – no one will even see it, and it’s a stress you don’t need! Concentrate on having fun, rather!

DO try to enjoy the ceremony – I know couples get nervous about it, but it’s the bit where you’re actually marrying the wonderful person next to you – savour and love every moment!

What is your advice when a couple is looking for a photographer?

Are the photos on their website what you want your wedding photos to look like? Most photographers have a distinct style – find one you absolutely love!

Kat Forsyth wedding photography

Your top tip for Styling your day?

Try and incorporate the things you love, that make you who you are as a couple – whether it’s movie table names, dinosaur centre pieces, or Harry Potter programs!

Do you think you should "Trash your Dress"? 

No “should” or “shouldn’t” – it’s totally up to you! However, I’m completely up for it if you want to get in the ocean or throw paint over your dress!

Engagement shoots seem to be very fashionable at the moment. What are the advantages of having one?

So many! Getting to know your photographer, getting comfortable in front of the lens, doing a shoot in a location you love if your wedding venue is very different. I’ve actually written an article on this so read it here!

What has surprised you the most about wedding photography?

Just how many different styles there are, from lighting, to posing, to editing – there are lots of us, so you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect fit for you!

How you describe your style of photography?

Fun, happy and natural, with lots of colour!

Colour photo bomb by Kat Forsyth

What can a couple do for you on the big day?

Schedule your couple photos in the hour or so before sunset, if you can – the light is sooo much prettier for photos then!

Indoor or outdoor wedding?

I love both, but if it’s outdoors, think carefully about where the sun is going to be shining. You don’t want your guests squinting into the sun the whole time. You also don’t want one of you to be in shade and one in bright sun, because that’s incredibly hard to get a good photo of!

Themed or none theme?

I LOVE a good theme! I’m a big geek at heart, and I love something new or different at my weddings. But it doesn’t have to be super-OTT like a child’s costume party – there are tons of ways to keep it stylish, too!

Kat Forsyth wedding icecreams

Local or Destination?

Again, I love both. I’m London-based, so I love a good London wedding where it’s on my turf, so to speak, and it’s quick and easy to get home. But who doesn’t like going to new and different locations? Different countries, scenery, light – yes please!

Big or small?

I’m all for inviting your favourite people. If you have 30 favourite people, do that; if you have 300 favourite people, do that!

Eco wedding ideas?

Re-use things like tins and jars in your decor. Use paperless invitations or ones made from recycled paper. Buy local flowers if you can!

Big thanks to Kat.  She has a great website that is full of inspiring pictures and blogs full of advice. So do click on here logo below and grab a brew and have a good read!

Kat Forsyth logo

Photography in Focus - Frances Carlisle

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On a very sunny Thursday last month I set out into central London, to meet a group of wedding professionals over a spot of brunch.  This is the first time I have done some networking with wedding industry people and I have really missed talking to people about what I do. Running this business is great fun, but I do miss the social element that working in an office or with other people brings. 

I was lucky enough to sit next to the very talented and lovely Frances of Frances Carlisle Photography. I may have bombarded her with chatter (I don't get to speak to grown-ups that often!) but she did manage to get a word in and tell me about her business and agree to sharing some tips on my Photography Focus blog. (Just for the record the pancakes with maple syrup and bacon were very yummy too!)

All photographers at this time of year are super busy so I asked for all answers to be 'Twitter Stylee' which has resulted in some great punchy memorable tips for you!

Honeypot Gift Registry first of its kind in New Zealand

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I am so excited to introduce you to Honeypot gift registry.  It is based in New Zealand and is the first of its kind offering a fab solution to both to you, the soon to be hitched couple, and to your guests. We are also thrilled to offer a special off code on our site to give you money off their site. I know, how awesome is that!! More details at the end of the post.  So over to Verity who is one third of this Kiwi team to tell us more about Honeypot.

I am getting a Sister-in-law!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Let me set the scene for you.  It was Christmas eve, late, very late!  Just considering to head to bed before Santa arrived and I get a message from my brother to see if I was free to Facetime. (He works in professional Panto, so it is not unusual for him to call that late.) What a phone call it was!

They opened their stockings early and at the bottom of Charlotte's stocking was the most amazing 1920's inspired (Hatton Garden bought!) engagement ring. Very proud of my brothers choice, in future wife and ring, and the romantic gesture. So next year we have a family wedding to look forward to. My 3 year old daughter has been asked to be flower which she replied 'No!'. Things may change! I have been given the honour to help get their Save the Date and Invitations designed and delivered.

Pinterest - Social Media Tips

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ever since I joined Pinterest it has me hooked both professionally and personally.  I am a visual person and this way of collecting cool images and pinning them on a virtual pin board makes me very excited indeed. I also love the way it takes you through to the 'how to' blogs to help create that perfect wedding accessory or doing a hairstyle.  

Apparently I am the "typical" user of this social phenomenon. Ladies between 25-34 (OK a tad outside the mark as my husband has just pointed out!), are listed as being the highest users of the site.

In my blog post today I want to show you the many ways it is useful and what my most liked/repinned Pins are.

What does it mean to Paperless Wedding?  

I am using it to gather images for my blog posts and research different companies.  I am also using it to promote our Paperless Wedding page by pinning images of invites and the wedding websites. I have created a board to go with each of themes to help couples see what other ideas can be combined with their wedding invitation design.  I love doing this and I have even got my sister hooked and she is a regular pinner on my boards. 

The time spent is worth it and consequently we are having lots of new visitors to our site.  It is also helping me to connect with beautiful stationery designers who might want to turn their wedding stationery into a digital copy!


My top boards that people like are my Wedding IdeasEco WeddingWedding Photography. These have the most likes and repins.

My top pins to date are these three:


Rock n Roll Bride - Tweed Wedding Dress
Knots and Kisses Blog - Coloured Candyfloss


This pin is taken from a Celebrant called Jacqui Clarke who is based in Brisbane and who has also appeared on our blog before!

So what does it mean to me personally?  

We bought our first house together just as Pinterest went live. We have a board for each room and I am collecting images of my dream furniture and accessories. It is so easy to use and I can search for what I am looking for within Pintrest, as well as pin from websites. Once it is pinned other people can "repin" on their boards and also comment on your pin. This has been handy as I share ideas with my dad, who is rather clever when it comes to building and decorating things.

I also love the fact that each pin links straight back to the website where the original image is kept. This then allows me to order it......if my husband lets me get hold of the credit card!

What does it mean to you?  

You don't have to just use Pinterest for your wedding.  As I have shown I use it for all manner of things. First step is you can create a board, name it and then away you go.  Ideas for boards are one for dresses, decorations, hairstyles, cakes, then slowly the list can go on and on. They even have a topic called “wedding and events” so you can peruse a visual concoction of all things weddings there. Jump onto our boards and repin and like our posts.

I wish you lots of fun if you are beginning your Pinterest journey and if you an old hat, do share your favourite pins in the comments below.

Theme of the Month - Botanical

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Our theme of the month features the Hydrangea and is called our 'Botanical' theme. This design was created by the talented team at Cocoa Berry in Wellington, NZ.  It was inspired by a client that wanted a certain design, so I contacted Cocoa Berry and they created both the digital version and matching paper options. 

Save the Dates for weddings later this year are flying out the door now.  I do love this design and it is quite different from other things on the site. The green and blue work so well together. 

It is never to early though to create your invitations now for those spring and summer weddings. You can just save them and send when you are ready.  When you do send them, they are tracked on our site and you can see who has received, opened and logged into the site to view the details. 

As with all out themes you can check out our Pinterest boards for ideas on how to accessorise your day. Great ideas for floral arrangements, cake design and hairstyles!

Should you want matching paper then Cocoa Berry will then offer all the extras that you might want for your big day.  For this Botanical Design they have everything from Order of Service to Menu designs to table planner and place names. They can also provide you with paper invites for your friends and family that might not have access to a computer. 


Real Wedding - Dan and Sharon

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sharon and Dan are our latest Paperless Wedding couple  They chose the 'Classic' design by our very own designers at Skyblue Creations. They sent out their invitations digitally and their guests could read more on their website about the venue and see photos in their gallery. 

The couple got married at the end of April in the White Dove Barns in Suffolk, surrounded by family and friends. They were photographed by their rather talented friend Mark Crame.

Dan and Sharon's wedding was themed around their love of the countryside. The cock pheasant tail feathers that feature in Sharon's unique bouquet, came from their shooting season and Dan's button hole is even an empty shell case decorated with some plumage.

Sharon taught herself how to make her own paper flowers, which I think you will agree look beautiful and a great little keepsake of the day. She also created, with the help of her mum, 5 round table displays and a couple of end displays on the main table.  A lot of time and effort went into this indeed and also a lovely thing to do with your mum too. 

Through Dan's feedback, he helped improve our RSVP system.  You can now edit your guests replies, so if they contact you directly and don't RSVP through the website, you can now update the system to keep track of the numbers. Thanks to Dan and Sharon for their patience and support while we did this. Without couples like Dan and Sharon giving valuable feedback, we would not be able to develop and evolve our site to make sure it is the best it can be!

Best wishes to Sharon and Dan for a long and happy life together! x

F is for Fireworks

Friday, May 6, 2016

Photograph: Society Photography

Australia know how to do fireworks!!! Fireworks and sparklers at your wedding can be a lovely addition to your evening celebrations, but they have to done safely and the people who know how to do that are Pyro OZ Wedding Fireworks. I asked them if they can share their top 5 tips for hiring a company for your wedding.

1. Not all venues suit fireworks.
If you are thinking of including fireworks either indoors our outdoors then choose a reception venue where fireworks can be used safely. For instance, historic house may not allow indoor fireworks.  If you want an outdoor firework display then think about having your reception at a golf club, at a surf club, or on a harbour cruise.

2. Always use a professional company.
Close proximity fireworks is a specialised skill and not an add-on.  Your venue will insist that you use professionals so it is important that you hire an experienced professional company such as Wedding Fireworks by Pyro Oz.  As the saying goes, 'If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.'

3. Don't be tempted to go with the cheapest quote.
Cheaper is not always better.  Check experience and safety records.  A quality full service fireworks company offer expertise and uses quality fireworks. This gives you the peace of mind that the effects you want will be delivered in a professional and safe manner.  A quality company will also be able to brief your photographers and videographer as to best angle for the best image.  

HRM Photography

Read your quotes carefully.  Come companies will offer packages which may include special effects such as dry ice or confetti in addition to what you have requested.  A pro company will also offer obligation free quotes and will undertake site inspections at no additional cost.

4. Take advice of your chosen professional.
You may want an effect that cannot be done safely in your venue.  Or you may have an image in mind but may not be sure what to ask for.  When speaking to your fireworks company, listen to their suggestions.  They know their business and can best advise you as to the best effects for the key moments of your wedding.

5. Tell your venvue you are having fireworks!
Always speak to your venue to make sure that they allow fireworks.  Some effects, such as dry ice, require the air conditioning to be turned off so that the effect is optimal.  Your venue needs to understand what they need to do to assist.

Venues don't like to be surprised with additional services you may have booked!

Also if you have booked services that require the firework operators to remain at the reception all night, remember to include them in the seating plan along with other service providers, such as your videographer and photographer.

Our thanks to the team at Pyro OZ for these great tips!!!

Real Wedding - Alison and Simon

Friday, April 22, 2016


A big congratulations to Alison and Simon who married in Feburay in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  The big day took place in Champagne Events venue and was organised by the lovely Mandy.

The photographer on the day was Cherie Theron who was brilliant and also a big thank you goes to Alison's makeup artist Theano Zenios Dolman.

Alison said, "Paperless wedding was fab for us as our guests were mostly abroad, making the process so much simpler." This is so great to hear. We are great for destination wedding and couples with guests that are scattered far and wide.  Alison and Simon where able to easily share their wedding menu in advance and gather all the RSVPs and food orders in one place. 

Wishing them both a wonderful life together!

Save the Date Tracking details

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Has my guest received our Save the Date? Learn what the ticks and crosses mean below.

What does the 'paper airplane' icon stand for?
This is to indicate if your guest has received the Save the Date. Tick means yes, cross means no. The cross icon is explained below.

What does the 'envelope' icon Stand for?
IMPORTANT if they have a tick against this, then they must have received the invitation and clicked on it to open the Save the Date. If there is no tick then their Save the Date might be in their Junk/spam folder and they have not actually seen it. Send them a private email or call to prompt them to check.

What does a cross mean?
If there is a cross against any line it means they have not received, opened or RSVP'd.  If it has not been received hover the cursor over the cross to see the reason.  If there is a cross against delivered it means that the email provider your guest is using has not acknowledge it has been opened, however it MIGHT have been opened. This is not always 100% accurate due to the multiple email clients out there. 

What does Hard Bounce mean if its not been delivered?
The email address you supplied for your guest is incorrect and the email can not be delivered. Delete this guest from your guest list and re-enter their details with a new address. If it is a 'soft' bounce then the server will keep trying to deliver to the address as the mailbox might be full or their server too busy. If it was rejected it could be due to firewalls (if sending to work accounts) or the email address is wrong. 

How often are these tracking details updated?
All responses are updated immediately on the website.

Who has access to this view?
Only you can view you who has received your Save the Dates. 

If a Save the Date is not delivered…
If the email was rejected, or marked as spam etc, then the email is marked as not delivered with a tooltip explaining why it was rejected. You will have to delete the guest from the guest list and re-invite with the correct email address. 

Save the Date Tracking details

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Has my guest received our Save the Date? Learn what the ticks and crosses mean below.

What does the 'paper airplane' icon stand for?
This is to indicate if your guest has received the Save the Date. Tick means yes, cross means no. The cross icon is explained below.

What does the 'envelope' icon Stand for?
IMPORTANT if they have a tick against this, then they must have received the invitation and clicked on it to open the Save the Date. If there is no tick then their Save the Date might be in their Junk/spam folder and they have not actually seen it. Send them a private email or call to prompt them to check.

What does a cross mean?
If there is a cross against any line it means they have not received, opened or RSVP'd.  If it has not been received hover the cursor over the cross to see the reason.  If there is a cross against delivered it means that the email provider your guest is using has not acknowledge it has been opened, however it MIGHT have been opened. This is not always 100% accurate due to the multiple email clients out there. 

What does Hard Bounce mean if its not been delivered?
The email address you supplied for your guest is incorrect and the email can not be delivered. Delete this guest from your guest list and re-enter their details with a new address. If it is a 'soft' bounce then the server will keep trying to deliver to the address as the mailbox might be full or their server too busy. If it was rejected it could be due to firewalls (if sending to work accounts) or the email address is wrong. 

How often are these tracking details updated?
All responses are updated immediately on the website.

Who has access to this view?
Only you can view you who has received your Save the Dates. 

If a Save the Date is not delivered…
If the email was rejected, or marked as spam etc, then the email is marked as not delivered with a tooltip explaining why it was rejected. You will have to delete the guest from the guest list and re-invite with the correct email address. 

Whimsical Wonderland

Thursday, April 7, 2016
Our latest listing on a very cool blog!

We are, just as the above says, featured on Whimisical Wonderland Weddings.  I love the design and content on this quirky and fun website. It has beautiful read weddings and some great planning tips.  I hope to work more with Lou over the coming year!

Woman in Business - Juggling

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter weekend is here and boy do I need a little R&R!!  I thought I would write a short personal post about life at Paperless Wedding HQ.

I have had a very busy month where the focus of my time has been on releasing the responsive side of Paperless Wedding.  I am really pleased with how it has gone. It is a big juggling act being a mum and a business lady, especially when you work from home.

I see ads on Facebook of people offering mums a job they can do from home by just  doing a ‘few hours’ a day.  They show a photo of a well presented mum, a clean baby and a tidy desk with loads of grabable objects in front of them.

Photo from:

These photos really make me laugh as they are soooo far from reality.  I have a 11month old trying to grab the mouse or hit the keyboard and if on the floor he is licking the base of the wheelie chair….The toddler meanwhile wants the loo or is sticking sticky fingers on everything as she tries to ‘help’.  Reality is you have to wait till the kids are in bed or in front of the TV.

The result is you end up having no time to yourself.  I hear of all these business ladies who made it while juggling several kids.  The Dragons Den Entrepreneur, Sarah Wallingham has 4 kids (under nine!) and the lady behind Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold also manages to juggle life and kids.  I have read about them talking of the hard graft at the beginning and it does pay off down the road. Please let this be me!!

This post is not to complain about how hard life is.  I consider myself very lucky (most of the time), I can stay at home with my children and keep my brain and business sense ticking over.

I had feedback from a client recently saying he could tell I really cared.  I do and I respond to everyone as quick as I can.  I know how important it is when you don’t meet a client face to face. You need reassurance when you send an email, that there is actually someone out there that cares and will get back to your promptly.  I mostly receive emails from people who are having issues with the site, be it a bug or not being able to figure out what to actually do. This means they are not happy…..which means sometimes I doubt myself and the site are actually any good.  In flies Mr T, who then points out all the other numerous couples we never hear from at all, who just sign up and are happy!

Keeping focused, keeping a balanced point of view and know your limitations. These are my top 3 advice tips for people running their own business.  At the moment I'm now focusing on advertising and spreading the word.  I need to keep up to date with emails and make sure that I give the help and advice that is needed. I also am accepting that while I have two, under 3.5yrs, I can only do so much.  Once the oldest is in School I can really get stuck in again……so watch this space!

Real Wedding - Fiona Gordon

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We have another beautiful Real Wedding to share with you.  In January the stunning Fiona, married a kilt donned Ash in The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow. They were surround by family and friends as they exchanged vows.  The moments were caught beautifully on camera by Louise of No Middle Name.

Once the deal was done (and a tear or two shed) they headed off to The Tall Ship at Riverside.

Fiona sent me some great feedback about Paperless Wedding.

"We used the invitations and website option and several of our guests commented on how brilliant the whole system was. It meant that we could message everyone closer to the day as well, and we gave up to date information about the coach travel from the ceremony to the reception for example.

I would say it was our best wedding purchase!"

This was music to my ears as it is exactly what we hoped Paperless Wedding would be for our clients and their guests.

Fiona and Ash would like to thank all these lovely people who helped make their day extra special.

Make-up was Brienne @ Death by Lipsticks.
Hair was Casci Ritchie.
Flowers were Moody Cow Florist in Carluke.

Cake was by the Tea Jenny.

A big thank you to Fiona for sharing her wedding with us and for the great feedback.  We wish you and Ash a lifetime of happiness.


Finalist in Guides for Brides Awards!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Yesterday Mr T and I travelled to Mayfair, London, to attend the Guides for Brides Customer Service awards.  Thanks to some lovely clients, we were nominated last year.  Over the last few months people have left some great reviews that meant we were shortlisted. 

So dressed in my LBD (with snot on the hem thanks to a final goodbye from my little boy!!), and my husband all tuxed up, we spent the evening at 4 Hamilton Place mingling with the other shortlisted companies.  There were 17 categories and we were in the "finishing touches" section in account for our website element of our site.  In retrospect we should have gone in the stationery section, as being compared to balloon and chair cover companies seemed a bit wrong!

So with anticipation on our faces and a glass of fizz in our hands we headed through for the awards and.....

We succeeded to the finalist stage but did not make it to the winners.  It was still great to get a certificate! Below are all the other finalists in all the other categories on stage. (Someone put their certificate in front of me face!)

As I don't get to meet any of you, getting reviews can be hard.  Usually when I come into contact with people there is usually a problem that I need to help with. I believe that customer service is so important and it can change what might be a bad experience into something good. It is great to get feedback, as I can learn how to make things better on the site. My small company can't compete with the millions of dollars that my American competitors have, but I can compete on the personal interactions I can offer and ensure all my couples get the best experience.

Thank you again for your continued to support and maybe next year I can be a winner!

Finalist - Guide for Brides Awards

Friday, March 11, 2016
We made it to be a finalist. Maybe we can win next year!

We made it to the finalist round of the Guide for Brides customer service awards!

Responsive site

Thursday, March 10, 2016

We have had a VERY busy few days. I love improving our site but with improvements comes a lot of hard work.  No pain, no gain they say! Well making our site responsive has been a big task. Wait, what is responsive, I hear you say. Let me explain!

The old Paperless Wedding site was displayed 'OK" on iPads and mobiles, but there was a lot of zooming in and out.  The menus were not ease to click through. Now with our responsive site, when you view on a phone it is much easier to use, with bespoke menus and views.

During this process I have discovered how hard it is to test our site on so many different devices, and I am forever surprised how different it looks.  Here are just some of the combos we tested:

Mobiles - Android/iPhone
Tablets - iPads/Android
Desktop - PC/Mac

Then you have all the different browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.  These all need testing on all the devices too.

We need to look at each package - Save the Date, Website Only and Full Package. We make sure you can login, signup, pay, choose themes, create invites and send.


We also need to be a guest and login and RSVP, upload photos and comments.  So as you can see there are a LOT of variables, so occasionally when one bug (ie a button won't click) does get passed us you will see why.

Some of the big benefits to these changes will be felt by the guests at your wedding. They will be able to navigate the site more easily, login, RSVP and find the details on timings and locations of all your wedding events. It means on the big day they can look it up easily as they travel there and during the day it will be easier to upload photos or write comments in the guestbook.

I just wanted to give you a glimpse into the workings of Paperless Wedding and what goes into creating this product.  It is thanks to the team at SkyBlue Creations Danny, Adam and Jane, that this all gets done. Then there is me, making sure it all works as expected and letting all our lovely users know about the great things we have done.

We hope you like it and that your get good feedback from your guests.

Happy planning, creating and sending!

Theme of the Month - Beach Hut

Friday, March 4, 2016

The summer has been pretty good one this year. However with the heat soon to fade away, I thought I might just take look at one last summery theme for this season.

The beach is a lovely place to get married, providing that the weather is nice! We asked our designer for a beach theme with a difference and I love this shot that he found of a quirky beach hut. Teamed with a vintage frame and blue skies it really is a great summer beach themed design.

Look on my Paperless Wedding Pinterest you can see lots of ideas for a beach wedding.  Here are a few that I liked and could be teamed with part of your beach theme.

Real Wedding - Ruth and Guillaume

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On a beautiful sunny day in Chablis, France, Ruth married Guillaume surrounded by family and friends. Ruth hails from Doncaster, UK but has lived with Guillaume in France for many years. This meant guests travelled from all over to attend this stunning wedding.

They used Paperless Wedding as a way of communicating all the information to guests travelling over to France for the wedding. The website had all the accommodation details, information on what to do in the region and travel details.  Ruth translated the site, so put the English first and the French in italics in each section so that all guests could understand it. 


They had their reception at Hostellerie des Clos and dined on the fine food and wine until the early hours. The cake was a “pièce montée”, which is traditional in France. They just loved the macaroon “cake” too, which made a change from the cupcake ones they had seen. 

They had a brilliant table plan that Ruth created herself. She scanned black and white photos of her parents, Guilliaume’s parents, and all their respective grandparents, and used them to decorate the table plan. She just used their first names and wedding dates. It created a real talking point amongst the guests as they were getting ready to sit down for dinner. 

They also had an entertainer/childcare person. She hired him from their local 'after school club'. He oversaw all the children’s entertainment (with a bit of help from Ruth’s kid’s fun boxes) and did face painting, balloon sculptures, etc. They also hired three babysitters for the youngest ones, and they organised to have a quiet room with travel cots set up at the other end of the hotel where the babies could sleep. The babysitters took it in turns to listen out for any crying!

For those family members and friends who could not make it over, Ruth got to wear her dress all over again for a blessing held in her parents beautiful garden.   I am all for wearing your dress twice!!

Many congratulations to both of them and thank you for using Paperless Wedding!!


Photographer: Sébastien & Sandra Boulard - Capteur D Motion

Flowers: Pot Fleuriste, 1 rue Jules Rathier, 89800 Chablis

Dress and accessories: Grain de Poudre

Hair and Make-up: Angélique at Jacques Dessange

E is for Eco Weddings and Sustainability

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Our Alphabet inspired Wedding blog posts this week looks at Eco Weddings and Sustainability. I shared an article this week on Facebook about an Australian Nutritionist having a very Eco wedding that even included a pre wedding Yoga Session for guests. If you are thinking about the environment while planning your wedding then this post is for you!

I spotted this great environmentally-sustainable wedding venue called Folly Farm Centre.  It is located in a 250-acre nature reserve near Bristol and Bath, UK. Well that is no help to me I hear you say, but bear with me.  It boasts numerous eco features such as rainwater harvesting and biomass heating, all profits from the Centre are gift-aided to the local wildlife charity, to protect wildlife and inspire people about nature. I think you will agree that is a great base to start planning your Eco Wedding. There are lots of Eco Friendly venues all over Australia that boast similar attibutes.

To give a bit more insight into eco venues and what it means, Jade Preddy from Folly Farm Centre, shares some top tips to help with your planning.

So what does Sustainability actually mean?

"Meeting the needs of the present without comprising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs".

For environmentally-aware couples, the idea of sustainability will run through many aspects of their lives, and their wedding day should be no different.

From the moment you send your wedding invitations, you can make choices to make your wedding day eco-friendly. It may only seem like one day, but when you think there hundreds and thousands of weddings each year, the impact of everyone's one day soon adds up.  However, with a few simple swaps, you can make the world of difference.

1.    Go online
In our digital world, when most forms of communication are online, many couples still opt for paper invites. Online invites and wedding websites are fun, informative and oh so green. (Paperless Wedding could not agree more to this statement, thanks Jade!)

2.    Something borrowed...
The recent trend for vintage (essentially 'borrowing' form the past) is doing wonders for the environment! Find your perfect vintage dress online in specialist ‘preloved’ shops. For suits, rent or get the groomsmen to wear their own – in can add such individuality to the day.

3.    A venue that cares
Do they use eco cleaning products and recycle? Do they care about low food miles? Do they give to charity? Venues that care about the environment are some of the most beautiful, usually because they are inspired by their location. Get married in the woods, on a beach or in a stunning wildflower garden...

4.    Think seasonal and embrace 'ugly'
Choose a caterer that cares. Do they use Fairtrade products to ensure that the food you will eat on your wedding day is helping the producers in the developing world? Do they use ‘ugly’ vegetables? You know, the knobbly carrots that some caterers throw away! There are an increasing number of caterers that are offering green alternatives, including Fareshare –who cater using food ‘thrown away’ by the food industry.

5.  Local and seasonal blooms
Some brides are opting for non-floral bouquets, often opting for bouquets made of buttons or recycled paper. For those wanting the real deal, then opt for flowers that are in season. This way, flowers can be sourced from Australia (currently over 80% of wedding flowers are imported).

5.    Be meaningful
For favours, avoid novelty items that may be chuckled at once and then forgotten. Instead, go for something meaningful – provide native wildflowers for so you can ‘spread the love’ of your big day. Perhaps you want to do away with gifts and ask guests to make a donation to your favourite charity instead.

These tips from Jade are great and we hope help you think about planning your 'Green' Wedding.

Do share you tipe and ideas in our comments below.  Also if you are an Eco Venue please do get in touch.

Happy Planning!

New Theme - All for the Love of You

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Paperless Wedding prides itself on offering designs that are a bit different.  This does run the risk of either loving or hating them! We want to be able to give you that personal feel without having to shell out lots of money for it. Our latest design is by the talented designer Louise at Coeur.

This design would have been perfect for some friends of ours who left their wedding riding their tandem. You can edit all our themes.  In this case, hit edit and change how your names appear, or even delete your names and pop in your wedding date instead.  Make it really personal!

Below is our Save the Date.  This is free so do go and check it out!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Thank you for such great feedback. Do review us by sending me an email. Also send a photo so I can showcase you on our Real Weddings blog too!

Guides for Brides Shortlisted 2016

I just wanted to give some positive feedback about our experience of using the website. We used the invitations and website option and several of our guests commented on how brilliant the whole system was. It meant that we could message everyone closer to the day as well, and we gave up to date information about the coach travel from the ceremony to the reception for example.

I would say it was our best wedding purchase!

Fiona and Ash (Feb 2016)

Absolutely love the idea. Loved every step of the way, to create our dream wedding invitation. The family loves the idea of having an online invitation. Thank you so much!

Claire Wilkes (Jan 2016)

We used Paperless Wedding and we found it fun to use. Popular with our guest, lots of information and photos. Eco friendly and value for money.

Maraget and Edwin (Dec 2015)

Paperless Wedding made the whole process much easier for us to plan our UK leg of the wedding. As we were getting married abroad, our bigger party was to be held back here in Birmingham. They provided the tools to allow information and updates to be clearly delivered to the wedding guests in a theme of our own creation, allowing us to match the website to our wedding colours. The website photo sharing also allowed us to share photos of our wedding day in Florida prior to us arriving home so people could keep updated without us having to resort to social media!

Craig and Beth (Aug 2015)

A fabulous personailsed system and service that means you can update your own website at any time right up to your special day with real time updates, information, photos, websites etc. And of course kind to the environment!

Sheena and Graham (May 2015)

Super site - well organised and easy to navigate. Several of my friends have used it.

Chloe (Guest)

Fabulous dynamic interaction and adaptable service!

Ruth Simpson (June 2015)

It was great that the couple could introduce their families before we got there so we already felt we knew each other when we arrived.

Elspeth (Guest)

Paperless Wedding goes above and beyond in their service to couples.

Rosie Aimes (Sept 2015)

Website is easy to use and emails/queries answered in a timely manner. I also follow on Facebook as they have loads of links and ideas.

Jayne (Sept 2015)

I received a paperless wedding invite recently and as a guest, thought the system worked really well. And the invite looked great!

Lisa G (Guest)

D is for Dress

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I got so side tracked writing this blog as I found myself looking at so many beautiful wedding dresses. I actually enjoy looking at dresses more now I am married than when I was looking. I felt an immense pressure to find 'the one" and the dress I thought I would love, once on, was nothing special.

So are you having a 'Green Wedding'? Are you finding it hard to get that perfect dress that has the eco qualities you want? Looking for a designer that makes dresses out of sustainable and locally produced textiles is challenging.  There are ways local designers can operate an eco policy by creating dresses with zero waste pattern cutting techniques and using locally sourced organic decorations for the dress.

I read on Ethical Bride a great article about 5 eco conscious designers, however they are all based overseas and if you used them, shipping the dress to you would negate all the good reasons you chose to use them in the first place!  

Here are some ideas on how to find 'the one' within the values of a eco wedding.

Second hand

I am not keen on the word second hand as it devalues something that is still very valuable!! You are allowing that Dress to shine again, giving a bride some money to buy a timeless LBD and being eco friendly! Check out these Australian sites (Also don't forget Ebay!):

I Do Gowns

Easy Weddings

Secondhand Wedding Dresses 


Buy locally

Make sure you purchase the dress in your local area by a designer that is Aussie and has used locally made cloth etc.  You want to cut down on carbon emissions of having your dress/cloth being made in China and flown to Australia. You are also supporting the local economy.


What about wearing your mums wedding dress?! Below are some lovely examples of brides who altered their mums wedding dress for their own big day.

Photo: 100layerca

Photo: 100layercake

I wore my mums veil on my big day.  It was a lovely touch to bring something borrowed that was so special to my wedding outfit.

Make your own.

Some very resourceful brides have made their own out of old material and even bin bags!

Photo: Ethical Bride

So there are lots of options to find that 'Green' dress and I hope I have helped you on the way to go about doing it. Good luck and do share your stories, companies and links below to keep this article and up to day. 

Guides for Brides - Shortlisted

Sunday, January 24, 2016
We have been shortlisted for a prize that will be presented in March 2016



Guides for Brides Shortlisted 2016

We love this logo.  We have been listed on Guides for Brides for a little while and it has been a great place to gather all our reviews. One of our customers nominated us for a prize which was fantastic and we will find out if we have won in March 2016.

To see some of our reviews please click HERE!

C is for Celebrant

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!  I am continuing my alphabet blog series and starting 2016 at C.  I had many options to choose from you but I have chose Celebrant as this term and function in a wedding was very new to me being a Brit. During my time in OZ I went to several weddings and loved the personal touch a celebrant brings to the day. So this mornings post has actually be written by the very talented Wendy Marshall who is a celebrant on the Gold Coast.  I had a lot of questions for her which she has answered and I hope you all find useful.  I particular like her words of advice at the end

Naomi V Photography

What do you feel makes a wedding truly personal?

To me, a wedding is truly personal and tailor made when it reflects the bride and grooms personalities, their love story and their style.  It honours them as individuals as well as celebrates them as a couple.

In the ceremony, we (meaning the couple and I) create this by ensuring that we include their thoughts and feelings about each other.  We talk about what being married really means to them and what their hopes and dreams are for their future together. 

I encourage my clients to include any special family or cultural customs that makes their ceremony more meaningful to them.  For example, I had one bride who had been given a book that was passed down from her great grandmother, to her grandmother, to her mother and then onto her, which had a special poem handwritten in it.  The poem was a “Recipe for a Successful Marriage” – which she had one of her dear friends read as part of the ceremony, from the original book.

Including loved ones, whether that be family, friends or even pets, is another way of creating a truly unique ceremony that also honours special relationships and provides long lasting memories for your guests as well as the bride and groom.

Music also sets a very personal touch to the ceremony – whether that is recorded music or live music.  Weddings were one or more of their guests have performed songs for the bride and groom created really special moments for all that were there.

At the reception, unique guest book ideas, handmade bonbonniere gifts and creative table décor are another lovely way of making the wedding day reflect their style.  

What is the strangest wedding you have over seen?

I can honestly say, I have not had any ‘strange’ weddings per say. The most different weddings I have officiated are ones where the brides wore non-traditional coloured dresses – I’ve had brides in burgundy, azure blue, hot pink  and black – and each one looked absolutely gorgeous, as the colours really bought out their best features and set a very personal and unique tone for their day.

Here are my tips on writing your vows.

I always encourage brides and grooms to write 2 or 3 paragraphs – not too long or not too short is the key to meaningful vows that flow well in the context of the ceremony.

Some great sentences starters are:

I love you because …..

When I’m with you I feel / You make me feel …..

My hopes/ dreams for our future are…..

In our marriage, I promise you…….

I vow to always……

What are your top 3 locations for getting married?

I do love a beach wedding!!  Somewhere in park or on a headland with the surf and sand in the background is always stunning, though be prepared to work with the elements – wind, rain and sun etc!!  ALWAYS have a Plan B!!  On the Gold Coast, I love John Laws Park, Burleigh Headland, Mick Schamburg Park at Miami and Len Wort Park in Currumbin. 

Mayhem Photography

Gardens and Vineyards are also beautiful settings and work in well with current Vintage/Rustic ceremony styling that many brides and grooms are incorporating into their day.  Rosser Park at Benowa has some great ceremony spots, and as for vineyards – Sarabah Estate Vineyard at Canungra is just picturesque

There are also some fabulous chapel settings here on the Gold Coast that are religion neutral and will allow for a civil ceremony.  A Chapel sets is own tone, even before you add any décor or music.  It has the added bonus of being an all- weather venue.  My tip would be to make sure the chapel is air conditioned if you are planning a summer wedding, as you want to ensure everyone is comfortable. 

What is your one bit of advice you would give any bride?

My biggest word of advice for brides and grooms is ‘don’t sweat the small stuff!’ If your flowers arrive on the morning of your wedding and the roses are more “lolly pink” than “hot pink”, it’s probably only you that’s going to notice.  Just take it all in your stride and make it part of your memories.  If you stumble through you vows, or say the wrong word, it will give you something to giggle about after the event.  On my wedding day, my husband’s limo didn’t turn up, so he has great stories to tell about how they scrambled to find enough seats in cars for him, his groomsmen and his family – I knew nothing about it until after the ceremony – lucky for him, he was still on time!!

Just enjoy the day – from the moment you wake up until the moment you close your eyes that night.  Take a quiet moment alone together after your ceremony to talk – even for 5 minutes – about getting ready, about your nerves, about your feelings as you walked down the aisle or watched down the aisle.  Embrace and live every part of your day, because before you know it, it will be the first day of your new life together and your wedding day will just be a beautiful memory.

Photo: Life Love and Light Images