We all dream of the day we can walk down a John Lewis aisle with a scanner, selecting all the gifts we hope to fill our homes with. However it is not always practical today.  Two houses are often combining or have combined and more homeware is not what is needed. People are getting creative with their gift lists and back in 2009 we decided to do something that bit different.  We created online gift list that allowed us create a perfect list without tying ourselves to one provider and giving us freedom to come up with a honeymoon filled with experiences and adventure. Buy Our Honeymoon is similar to the company we used and we highly recommend them.So how do you create a gift list on Paperless Wedding? First thing is first, you need to sign up here. Once signed in, select “My Website’ down the left hand-side. Then you have a couple of options.

You can create a Web Page that has all the details about your gift list. Add a photo, the web-link to the website with login in details for your guests, and then add any details or messages you have for your guests. Any transactions that happen on your gift list will go through the provider you have picked, NOT through Paperless Wedding.  If you are having a Wishing Well on the day, you could still create a page to inform guests this is what you are doing and lets them know where to leave their gifts.

Above is how it looks to the guest when they login to your wedding website. You can put as much or as little detail on there as you want.

If you are having a wishing well you could include an image like the above. This is from a Dorset company called Vintage Dorset,  who hire out props for weddings.  Very eco friendly as reuse is better than buying and binning!

The other option is to use the Amazon Wish List service. We have integrated this function into our website for your convenience.

There are help tips in our help tool to guide you through this process, these can be found by the ‘?’ seen on the right hand side of screen when you are creating the page.

We hope this has helped you decide on how to create your gift list and it has given you an idea of how it will look on your wedding website.

Happy creating!