Spring is here, roll out the bunting!!

We have two great bunting inspired themes for you to choose from. These are perfect for your festival inspired wedding, or converted barn or woodland setting. Bunting is simple to make, reusing old materials or you can hire them from a vintage supplier or even try your local village hall!! Since the Jubilee there seems to have been a big increase on bunting decorated venues.

Design name: Floral Knit

These designs were created by the talented people at Skyblue Creations. Simon designed the one above and Sam designed the one below.  They are secretly having a little competition of whose design is picked the most!

Design name: Bunting

The summer weddings are fast approaching, so if that is you, make sure you are planning on sending your invitations out really soon! Below are the options for each of the designs above. 

With Paperless Wedding you can change all the text and even edit the font if you want to. Change the text in the venues, events and invites tabs.  To change the font and layout, you need to go to “edit’, in the theme tab, to open the application that enables this.  Don’t forget to save your work before navigating away.  To preview how it looks, go back to your homepage and ‘view website’ to see the result.  You can also view it in the preview of your invitation.

I hope the tips above help you get the most out of these designs and ensure that they really fit in with you theme.

We will be adding a bunting inspired Pinterest board very soon so do come back and check soon.